E-posters of ICCA STROKE 2022


Endovascular treatment of arteriovenous malformation and carotid stenosis by direct carotid puncture simultaneously

Victor Manuel Torres Cardenas


Treated and untreated ischemic stroke of carotid origin in the era of mechanical reperfusion

Karolina Dzierwa


Case report of a double thrombectomy of the MCA combined with a left carotid bulb web stenting

Fatima Zahra Lkharrat


Permanent carotid occlusion as an endovascular management of tandem atheromatous occlusion in acute ischemic stroke

Sara Azzabi Zouraq


Establishing a Programme of Competent CAS as an Essential Step Towards Routine Stroke Thrombectomy Service

Bogdan Janus


Symptomatic Atherosclerotic Plaque Progression as a Face of ”Restenosis” in Single-layer Stent CAS: Management, Long-term Outcome – and Prevention

Lukasz Tekieli


Tandem lesion stroke: Shall we always strive to kill two birds at one procedure?

Magdalena Knapik


Highly-calcific carotid lesions endovascular management in symptomatic and increased-stroke-risk asymptomatic patients using the CGuard™ dual-layer carotid stent system: Analysis from the PARADIGM study

Adam Mazurek


What is going on? Getting the right information to the right people at the right time

Valerie Ritchie